Zen House: Life Coaching & Reiki Pratice

Welcome! We are a small group of like-minded individuals looking to support you on your road to health, whether through a healthy dose of exercise or a wellness tune up. Our spa is a place to come to find peace whether you're interested in reiki, angel card readings or our other services. No matter what is going on in your daily life, Zen House, is here to provide respite from the fast paced world around us, a place for you to recharge and reconnect. Between a variety of specially designed healing therapies, we promise a service that meets your needs. 

Our Mission

We seek to enrich the lives of those in our community through unconditional love and compassion in order to facilitate a balance of mind, body and spirit. We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for those seeking personal and spiritual healing and development utilizing a variety of approaches including reiki, angel card readings, intuitive counseling and healing workshops. Together we celebrate life and all the beauty it has to offer us.

The Zen House is the fruition of many years of hopes and dreams, laughter and tears and an unwavering belief that being of service to others brings joy to all our lives that owner, Rachael Isacson, has spread to the team here at Zen House. We are all on a journey. Let us be part of yours.


“I am so grateful to have found Rachael at The Zen House. She has transformed my life through Reiki. I came to her stressed out, exhausted, emotionally drained, filled with frustration and unbalanced. Through her energy work, Rachael completely rejuvenated me. After a year of working with her, I make Reiki a priority for my well-being. After every session, I feel great inner peace, balance, clarity, and focus. Rachael is truly gifted. I highly recommend giving Reiki a try with The Zen House. You will be amazed at the positive impact she will have on your life. It really is a gift you cannot afford not to give yourself.” 

- Anna