Wellness Services & Pricing

Life Coaching

We all come to cross roads in our journey. At times, we need to make changes in careers, relationships, or how we feel and view ourselves. By simply making small changes in our routine, learning how to forgive the past, implementing gratitude into daily programming, and living from a place of true authenticness, our lives become joyful, abundant, and enriched with all of our desires. We have created an interactive program to help achieve this during transitions. We coach our clients through every step of transition. Our goal through coaching is to help you to the other side of fear, embrace joy, and find true purpose.

Session topics include daily life, career goals, love, forgiveness, and direction. These are one-on-one, private sessions. 

Package of Four, One Hour Sessions.



Intuitive angel card readings provide guidance and identify the healing steps needed to meet your personal goals and/or answer your questions. 

$150 / 60 Minutes 



Reiki is a form of energy healing utilizing a laying of hands. Practitioners act as a conduit for universal life energy, transferring this energy to the client through hand placements on or near the body. Benefits of a Reiki session can include physical, mental, and emotional healing, stress reduction, and relaxation.     

$150 / 60 Minutes